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Program Development

Online Education Data: What Are You Measuring, and How Are You Using It? 

Higher education is becoming more data driven, including in relation to online education. The information that colleges and universities are collecting about online education could be institutional data used in accountability reports or accreditation reviews. It could also include data related to teaching online courses, learning management system usage, and faculty...
Mission and Philosophy

Petty Principles: A Challenge to Higher Education Leaders in the Wake of a Social Injustice Crisis 

Often I find myself writing and providing leadership strategies to assist academic leaders on their respective journeys in higher education. Thus, now I find myself distraught as we operate in the face of an increasingly unbearable reality of social injustice. As higher education administrators we have a role and responsibility...
Program Development

STEM Fatigue 

For a little more than a decade, the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) have been enjoying something of a privileged status at American colleges and universities. While enrollments in some other areas are stagnant or declining, they have been rising steadily in many STEM courses. In state systems,...