Building Best Practices for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness

Stepping Out of Silos: Building Best Practices for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness 

Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness are two of the most important units within any higher education entity and are necessary to ensure an institution is focused on accomplishing the mission. Academic Affairs is familiar to those who have functioned in the college environment. Traditionally, Academic Affairs is the division known…

creating strong chair-dean relationship

Creating a Strong Chair-Dean Partnership: What Chairs Can Do from Their End (Part 2) 

In Part 1 of this two-part series on strengthening the relationship between chairs and deans, we discussed prioritizing student success and satisfaction, capitalizing on the institution’s greatest investment—the faculty— and developing a vision that goes beyond departmental considerations. Here we will continue with three additional points detailing what a chair…

Creating a Strong Chair-Dean Partnership with a handshake

Creating a Strong Chair-Dean Partnership: What Chairs Can Do from Their End (Part 1) 

In viewing the organizational structure of our colleges and universities, there is a common hierarchy of faculty, chairs, deans, and higher administration that includes a president or campus leader and may include a provost or the equivalent. Much has been written about the interaction of chairs with their faculty. Inherent…

A diverse group of four female leaders in higher ed faces the camera
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Petty Principles for Women in Higher Education: Realistic and Practical Advice for Success in Higher Education Leadership 

According to recent research, women in higher education continue to consistently be underrepresented at the administrative levels of dean, chief academic officers, provost, and president (Gallant, 2014). There are numerous motives identified by researchers for the persistence of the underrepresentation of women in the top ranks of leadership in higher…

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Developing Critical Cross-cultural Communicative Competence in Academic Leaders 

According to Chun and Evans (2018), continued white hegemonic practices in university and college administration and faculty have failed to develop a representative institutional culture and organizational structure that is responsive to the needs of diverse students and faculty. The purpose of this article is to discuss this issue, relate…