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  1. “Students come back to their ‘user experience’; we need to protect that,” As someone who has taken many online courses, I am in complete agreement with this statement. Many online courses compress a semester of material into 4 to 6 weeks. In these courses, I have personally found strong engagement by the instructor increases my motivation and enjoyment of the material. Thank for writing about these issues.

  2. Love the interesting and creative idea of posting to Flickr each time an event happens. I can see students actually doing this; especially if selfies are involved! However, I am certain there will be some poor soul who will complain because she only has a flip phone.

  3. Nice piece, Demetrius – it’s on everyone’s agenda to be looking at this stuff now. I was just sitting in a board meeting on Thursday discussing this. Private college in our case, but for every school these considerations are important even if the law isn’t binding. In practice it forms a set of principles that set community expectations, and it’s good to know the line that public schools have to follow when setting up guidelines even in a private institution.

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