Contributing to Academic Briefing

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Academic Briefing, an online resource for higher education professionals. These guidelines describe who we are, what we do, what we’re looking for, and how you can contact us.

Who we are: Academic Briefing is an online publication from Magna Publications. Since 1972, the higher education community has turned to Magna for its timely, high-quality products and services. Today the company’s growing portfolio includes its award-winning newsletters, online seminars, online courses, and in-person conferences. The company is based in Madison, Wis. For more information, visit

What we do: Academic Briefing features innovative strategies, best practices, and fresh perspectives for the challenges facing higher education leaders today, from department chairs to provosts and vice-presidents. Brief and to the point, our emphasis is on the practical, rather than the theoretical. Yes, we’re interested in why an idea or approach works, but we’re even more interested in how it works and how others can adapt and implement your strategies.

What we’re looking for: Our readers are always looking for bold, creative solutions to administrative and institutional challenges. Please send us your best strategies regarding accreditation, assessment, faculty development, personnel issues, leadership development, regulation, compliance, risk management and government relations, media relations, program development, marketing and recruitment, distance learning administration, and educational technology, best practices, and other topics of interest to today’s higher education leaders. Articles should relate to one or more of the topic categories found in the right hand column of our homepage. Contributions should be approximately 800 words in length, not counting references.

Contributions should consist of no more than 25% theoretical information; the rest should be practical advice for administrators to use.
Due to the nature of online newsletters, authors are encouraged to adopt a more practical and informal tone than is expected in academic journals.

The best articles come from regular Academic Briefing readers. Spend some time on the site, read what others have written, and see what’s being shared in social media. All of those things will improve your chances of acceptance because you will have a better feel for what resonates within the community.

Articles should not have been registered for copyright or published elsewhere (either on paper or electronically) prior to publication here.

Once you’ve written your article, please send it as a Word document to Tyler Koshakow, managing editor, for consideration. Please include a brief bio (not your entire CV) with your submission.

We look forward to receiving your contribution.